Healthier Home

The Quest For Hygiene: A Guide To Healthier Homes

All of us grow up with a certain idea of how our dream house is going to be. However, with many of us juggling between the workplace and home, keeping our homes untarnished just like in our dreams often becomes impossible. Despite the busy schedule, the blessings that a healthy and clean environment showers should not be ignored.

For the office going homemakers, keeping the home healthy and clean may seem too big a challenge. Not anymore!

Here are a few easy ways that you incorporate into your daily lives to keep your home healthy and clean.

good routine

Set Up A Routine

Maintain a routine and pay attention to a certain portion of your house accordingly. Clean up one room every once in awhile from top to bottom regularly.

The bathroom and kitchen, however, should be cleaned on a daily basis.

dusting room

Dust Like A Boss

Accumulating dust can be hazardous and allergenic. Stock up on good brooms, mops and dusters. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

Dust all your floors twice every day! Sun dry your carpets every once in a while to rid them off unwanted dust.

change over

Change Over

From bed sheets to curtains to doormats and tablecloths, change them for a fresh one regularly.

Wash them often and don’t keep wet laundry lying around. They tend to get stinky and spoil the aura of the house.

Say No To Chemicalsno chemical use

Contrary to ordinary practice, depending on toxic insecticides, mosquito repellents and disinfectants can prove to be very dangerous.

They may give the house a superficial clean look, but their underlying adversity of being poisonous and unsafe cannot be ignored.

Do away with them to bring in organic repellants like a potted neem or tulsi plant instead.

Use basic detergents and good quality toilet cleaners. To repel insects try the electric bat!

pest control


The best way to keep annoying pests away is not to give them any scope to enter at all! Don’t create a breeding ground for insects anywhere.

Make sure to clean up every morsel of food from the table, floor and other places. Wash your dishes carefully and keep them dry.

Cover up soaps, dish washing sponges and keep them dry and hygienic too.

wash hands regularly

Wash Your Hands Religiously

The hands are the weapons of labor and go through a lot during the day.

Make sure to wash them in regular intervals to get rid of all the unwanted germs. Keep a good mild sanitizer and moisturizer in hand.

personal hygiene

Personal Hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene of all the members of the family is of utmost importance. Make sure your family follows a healthy regime.

Use separate towels, combs, etc. for each member and wash them regularly.

Inculcate Healthy Habits

For a home to be completely healthy, medical health is also very important. Encourage your family to work out together to keep illness away.

Regular exercise also keeps each one of your loved ones fit and builds better personalities.

Quit bad habits of alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking or violent arguments as it affects the sanity of your house to a great extent.

healthy eating

Eat Healthy

Watch what you eat. Keep your utensils spick and span; thoroughly wash every vegetable, fruit, grain that you might consume.

Also, introduce nutritious food to the table and avoid junk food as much as possible.

Get Help

If expenses permit and your schedule is tight, getting domestic help might be a good idea.

Make sure to hire someone you can trust and always maintain a good relationship with your help. However, do not depend on your domestic help completely.

Supervise them so that the work is done your way.

benefits of cleanliness

Benefits Of Cleanliness In The House

A Healthy home houses a healthy family.

  • Diseases are an alien term in clean houses.
  • Keeping your house in order saves so much of your time. You’re never going to spend the entire afternoon looking for a pair of sock again!
  • A house that is sparkling always leaves a good impression on your guests!
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is good for the soul and is sure to spread happy vibes all around your home and life!

tips and tricks

Little Tricks Of The Trade

Get creative and design a healthy, happy home just the way you want. These are some tips that you could try:

Firstly, get organized!

Having every item organized with or without labels could be a very successful way to avoid unwanted mess.

Organize clothes in your closet, kitchen cutlery, little paraphernalia in the drawer according to your fancy and decrease the clutter ten folds.

And secondly, decorate!

Keep indoor plants, bonsai, wind chimes, flowers and origami birds to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Indoor plants are especially good as they fill your house in with fresh oxygen!

Gear up on these basics and keep your house protected from unwelcome vibes always!

Setup Your Home Gym

How to Design Your Own Home Gym like a Pro

Exercise is very much a part of healthy living. With the advent of different kind of exercises, options for exercising are aplenty, for example, a park, a gym, a swimming pool (if you love the waters), a playground etc.

If you are that kind of person who wouldn’t want to go out and sweat it out, you could consider setting up a gym in your own house! Yes, it’s possible these days as we can buy the equipment we need.

Setting up a gym may not be the easiest thing to do, but it definitely will help you focus on exercising every day. You don’t have to go a distance to exercise, but you can do it at the comfort of your home. Here is a guide to help setting up your own gym at home.

Comfort and Space

comfort and relaxation

It is extremely important to ask yourself if you are comfortable exercising at home. Some people decide to set up a gym because they are lazy to go out and work out. You need to be self-disciplined to work out on your own, without injuring yourself or without overdoing it. If you are confident, then there is no other place like home to work out.

Check the space available in your home for a gym. Think whether a gym would disrupt your other activities or clutter your house. Gym is a long-term investment; choose wisely and consider all possibilities before starting on this journey.

While deciding on where to plan your gym, choose a space that has plenty of natural sunlight and is well-ventilated. This can help you stay motivated and feel happy. Also, decorating your workout-area with a few plants will liven it up and will seem inviting.

Music is a great motivator. Include a set of good speakers for your gym. Choose some inspiring tracks for your workout time. If you love posters, stick some of them on your wall and be inspired!

Budget and Equipment

home gym equipment

Don’t be in a hurry to start buying equipment for your gym. But, decide on the budget first. Decide on the kind of exercises that you want to do. Choosing equipment on that basis will fulfill your needs, will make you feel satisfied and happy.

Talking to people who already have a gym set up in their home would help you a lot. Also, take opinions from different salespeople so that you get an idea about the equipment available in the market. Don’t go ahead buying at the first shop that you enquire. You can also browse for some of the best home exercise equipment. They have a huge variety there.

Once you have decided on exercises, go for good-quality equipment that would suit the need. Don’t a buy an inexpensive one for the sake of saving money. Safety needs to be considered first.

User Experience

user experience

Have you identified the users of the gym that you are setting up? Will it be only you or will others in your home be using the equipment? You might want to consider a treadmill that can save different manual setting that suit different body types. Same settings may not be suited for all.


workout discipline

Setting up a gym is incomplete without a proper plan of action. You need to chart out a plan for each day so that you know what to do, how much to do and what is the exercise path you are following. This will not only help your daily planning but also help your mind be clutter-free and less confused. Once you have your plan, it is easy to focus and get started.

Also, consider choosing an alternative plan well ahead. This will help you to be interested and not get bored with doing same old exercises. Setting up short goals in the beginning will also be a motivating factor. Once you start achieving these short-term goals, you would find yourself motivated in achieving bigger goals.


at home workout equipment

A treadmill is a must if you love walking. Anybody who would want to sweat it out just by walking, jogging or running could also use a treadmill. If you are looking for weightlifting power rack, barbell and plates and dumbbells should be in your list.

A sturdy adjustable bench will be of use if you are looking for dumbbell shoulder pressing and incline chest pressing.

For a change, if you are bored with regular exercises, you could try out yoga. Yoga doesn’t take much space. It’s a necessity that helps you function smoothly and in a better way by uniting your body and mind. All you need for yoga is a yoga mat and a space for stretching.

Pilates, another form of exercise, involves many core-strengthening and flexibility moves that helps in toning your body and keeping you mind healthy.


Before starting your gym routine, you could consult an expert on the same and get advises for a long-term, injury-free work regime.


5 steps for mold prevention

Mold is a very irritating household problem. It is hazardous to your health. At the same time, it can damage your property. There are some ways you can prevent mold from accumulating in your house. The steps are discussed below.

#1 Prevention is the best way


You should fix leaks, wipe up any spills immediately. Dry out any damp areas. You can use a dehumidifier, if necessary. Have proper ventilation in the house.

#2 Use vinegar

Use vinegar

Use vinegar as a cleaner, instead of other chemicals. Distilled vinegar is inexpensive and non-toxic. It won’t irritate your lungs. Vinegar can kill 80% of your molds. Use gloves when you work. Just spray on some mixture and rub it with brush.

#3 Use citrus seed extract

Citrus fruit

Add 20 drops of citrus seed extract to two cups of water. Put it in a spray bottle and shake it well. Spray it on the area where there is mold. You can also use it as a preventive measure by spraying it on areas where there is possibility of mold growth.

#4 Use tea tree oil


Add two teaspoons of tea tree oil to two cups of water. It will kill various types of molds. You might have a rough smell, but the smell will fade away soon.

#5 Call a professional


You need to call a professional if the mold problem is severe; for example, in case of toxic black mold. They will guide you and provide a right solution for your mold problem.

You shouldn’t give the chance of mold formation in your house. It is better to take preventive measures beforehand. Molds are unhealthy. You must keep molds away from your house for leading a healthy life.


5 ways to avoid insects and bugs at home

Summer is a great time to enjoy with family and friends. But summer also means bugs! Insects and bugs can develop inside the house anytime of the year, but summer is the worst time. Here are five ways you can avoid insects and bugs at home.

#1 Keeping your house clean

A clean house keeps pests away. You should clean your house regularly. You should vacuum your carpets, wash the surfaces with soapy water, use air purifiers, etc. A clean house cannot be a home to pests and germs.

#2 Herbs

Planting some fragrant herbs can keep bugs away from your house. You can plant herbs on the front and back of your house. You can choose herbs like catnip, lemongrass, mint, basil, garlic, etc.

#3 Use vanilla extract

Vanilla extract is an excellent insect repellent. You can mix some water with it and it will keep the insects away. Lavender, mint or lemongrass extracts can also be added.

#4 Get rid of standing water

Mosquitoes breed on standing water. So, if you have standing water at home, you will be inviting them. You should trim the grasses in front of your house and get rid of containers that have standing water.

#5 Seal up cracks and gaps

Cracks and gaps are the entry points of insects. You should seal up the cracks and gaps in your home. By blocking the entry points, the insects won’t be able to enter your home.

These are some very simple ways in which you can keep insects and bugs away from your home naturally. There are now many artificial products available in the market. But these natural ways are very effective.


3 essential home cleaning products

With so many different home cleaning products available in the market, it is now very easy to keep your house clean. Here are the 3 essential home cleaning products.

Air purifier

Air purifier

Air purifier keeps your air clean. It is best for getting rid of allergies, asthma, dust, bacteria, virus and odors. An air purifier will provide you better sleep, reduced asthma attacks and allergies, healthier immunity, reduced coughing and snoring! It filters out the dirty air and gives you fresh air to live in.

Water purifier

Water purifier

A home water purifier system is the best way to have pure water. It is now very convenient and economical as well. Most filters use filtration technologies like activated carbon, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, etc. Reverse osmosis gets rid of fluoride in water. You don’t have to buy expensive water bottles from the superstores. Children and pregnant mothers should not drink tap water or bottled water. Pure water is essential for children’s health and development.

Furniture cleaner

Furniture cleaner

This keeps dusts and insects away from your furniture. Our skin gets in contact with furniture throughout the day when we sleep in bed, sit on chair of lie on sofa. It is, therefore, important to clean these so that we don’t have any skin disease. Dusts that accumulate on furniture are also very harmful as it causes breathing problems. Using furniture cleaner you can wipe off the dusts as well.

These products are very important for your home. It gives you pure water to drink, pure air to breathe in and clean furniture to use everyday. If your house is not clean, you will have health problems constantly.